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Bringing genomics into healthcare to help billions


With the advancement in genomic testing using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), we believe we can make genomic information affordable and accessible for everyone. We help you to integrate your genomic information together with your health records in a single platform which also provides access to a range of healthcare services. The genomic information is used to guide lifestyle and healthcare decisions throughout life.


We aim to deliver healthcare specifically tailored to you which will help you in your journey to achieve your health goals, while preventing diseases.

So that you can take control of your health with your DNA makeup.

We provide insights into your health risks by looking at your genes to see if there are any genetic variants (changes) that may impact your health so that you can make better decisions. We help you to understand your risk of diseases and empower you to take control your health through disease prevention steps. We believe having your genome is just the beginning of your healthcare journey.


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Discover what vitamins and nutrients that suit you the best and plan for healthy eating

Professional Consultation

Get consulted by our healthcare providers

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Discover how you response to certain exercise training and risk of injury

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Discover your genetic predisposition to diseases including rare diseases


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Latest Technology

Your genome is sequenced using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology.

Blood Sample

Blood sample is taken as it contains only your PURE and UNIQUE DNA.


We are not providing genomic test information only, we help you to understand and make informed decisions.

Healthcare Provider

We have a team of qualified healthcare providers to support you.


Our report is based on research scientific evidence.

Data Protection

Your information belongs to you and you decide on how we may share your de-identified data.

Complete Analysis

We provide complete analysis based on your WES/WGS raw data (including rare diseases).

Accredited Lab

All the sequencings are performed in a CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory.


Register & Order Online

Register & purchase your DNA testing services online

Blood Sample Collection

You will be contacted by a healthcare provider for blood collection


Once your report is ready, you will be contacted by your healthcare provider for consultation

Manage Your Health Online

Continuously update and manage your health online


We use blood sample because it contains only your unique DNA. We use a minimally invasive method for blood collection through finger prick.

Together we can improve and transform the healthcare

By providing the best genomic analysis and making genomic information accessible and affordable in Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia

Together we can make a difference

With the advancement in genomic testing, we believe we can make genomic information affordable and accessible for everyone. We help you to integrate your genomic information together with your health records in a single platform which also provides access to a range of healthcare services. The genomic information is used to guide lifestyle and healthcare decisions throughout life.

Personalized Solutions

Provides individualized or personalized solutions to your customers based on their genetic make-up.


Improve your professionalism through our resource portal and training.


Access and manage your customer’s profile through our online platform.

I have my regular health checks every year. Why should I get genetic testing?

Your regular health checks are usually performed to identify any early signs of health issues and do not provide information on your genetic risk for diseases.

I feel fear and stress to know about my cancer risks. Why should I know them?

Having a genetic risk for cancer doesn’t mean you have the cancer now or you are definitely going to have the cancer in the future. Our health is affected by various factors including by genetic, lifestyle and environment. Knowing your risk allows you to take earlier preventive steps to reduce the risk.

Who should consider genetic testing?

Every individual should consider having their own genetic information as each of us is unique and no two of us are alike.

Will health insurance cover the cost of my genetic test?

Currently it’s not covered by health insurance.

Will my results affect my insurance coverage?

No. You are not required to disclose your genetic test results to insurance company. For more information on genetic discrimination, you can refer to Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

What can I benefit from the NexTx genetic test?

We can offer you a sense of relief from uncertainty and help you to make informed decision about your health and how to manage your health with knowledge.

How do I provide blood sample?

Once an order has been placed, you will be contacted by a healthcare provider to arrange for blood sample collection. In the case where you already have a healthcare provider from our company, the blood sample can be taken by the healthcare provider without arrangement. We use a minimally invasive method for blood collection through finger prick.

Can I provide saliva or buccal swab sample instead of blood?

Currently we only accept blood sample which contains only your unique DNA for processing. We do not accept saliva or buccal swab sample which may contain a mixture of DNA from you, food and bacteria. Why not start right if you have the option.

Do I need to fast before the blood sample collection?

No. Your DNA is not affected by fasting.

How is NexTx (Genecare) different from other DNA testing companies?

We focus on precision preventive healthcare ecosystem consisting of healthcare providers to deliver the results. We are not a direct-to-consumer genetic testing company. We use an advanced DNA sequencing technology (Next-Generation Sequencing) to analyze your genome in a comprehensive way.

Do you provide services internationally other than Malaysia?

Currently our focus is in Southeast Asia and if you are not in Malaysia, you may need to contact us for further arrangement so that we can contact our local provider in your country (if available).

What is Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)?

Sequencing refers to the determination of the order of nucleotides (A, C, T or G) in an individual genome. NGS also known as high throughput sequencing refers to those approaches that allow rapid massive parallel sequencing of DNA.

What is Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)?

In human genome, exon is a segment of DNA that provides instruction for making proteins (protein-coding gene). All these exons are known as exome and WES refers to the sequencing of all the exons. Most known disease-causing mutations are found in the exons; thus WES is an efficient method of discovering disease-related mutations.

What is Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)?

WGS refers to the sequencing of all the introns and exons in a human genome. Intron is a segment of DNA that does not provide instruction for making proteins. WGS allows discovery of genetic variations outside the exons that can affect gene activity and production of protein which lead to genetic diseases.

What is microarray-based genotyping?

DNA microarray is a technology that uses microscopic DNA spots to genotype preselected multiple regions of a genome.

What happens to my blood sample after sending to the laboratory?

After your blood sample is received in the laboratory, DNA will be extracted and initial QC will be performed. Once QC is passed, sequencing or genotyping will be run. Once the raw data is generated, a series of bioinformatic pipeline will be used for variant calling followed by generation of report.

How long does it take to get my results?

It will take less than 8 weeks (for WES Advanced and WGS) to get your result from the day the blood sample is received in our laboratory. Please noted that a delay should be expected due to public holidays.

Can I trace the status of my result?

Yes. You can trace the status of your report online by logging into your account.

How accurate are my results?

Your DNA is analyzed by using well known genotyping technology or next-generation sequencing technology in the field of genetics and your report is created based on available scientific research and evidence.

How many times do I need to the genetic test?

You only have to do the genetic test only once in your lifetime as we are detecting germline mutations.

At what age should I do the genetic test?

The genetic test can be done at any age or point of time. The earliest you do, the earliest you can start your prevention steps.

Why it takes so long to receive the result?

We use Next-Generation Sequencing technology for sequencing your DNA which involves a tedious process of preparing and analyzing your DNA followed by the interpretation of your genetic information.

Do you sell my data?

Your data belongs to you and it will never be sold without your permission. You own and control how your data is being used. We don’t share your information without your consent.

How is my data protected?

A standard encryption mechanism is applied to protect your data which means your data is safe and secure.

Can I pay for a service without registering?

No. You must register for an account before placing an order.

Which types of payment are accepted?

We accept the following types of payment: credit, debit and online banking. You may contact us for further information if you wish to know what other options are available.