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  • To deliver quality premium products and services from reputable companies to doctors and end users
  • To become a health care system associating with the most prestigious brands in the world.
  • To sustain market expansion through continuous innovation, quality, staff training, education to doctor

  • To commit to the provision of high-quality healthcare and services to our valued & respected clients
  • All partnership information will be treated in the strictest confidence , aiming at all time for doctors satisfaction

  • Community and social responsibility.
  • Community innovation and development.
  • Strict compliance to business ethics and long term partnership
  • To develop a mutual partnership for a sustainable, profitable and long-term business growth
  • Established networking with KOLs (from national to provincial level; both public & private)
  • National and Sufficient Supply Chain/ Distribution network

  • Human resources: good communication, time management and self discipline, problem solving, trustworthy
  • Networking: Around 200 staffs and freelancers are working at major cities to support doctors and patients at the soonest time
  • Our relationship with big hospitals: promote collaboration with the leaders and develop the shared goals for social community for both public and private hospitals
  • Our relationship with top clinics in major cities : always focus and provide them with the best services
  • And big databases of more than 3,000 clinics on nation-wide

  • To our customer:
    • Provide the most innovative products/services
    • Improve customer retention
  • To our partner:
    • Build up and develop the long term relationship for mutual benefit
  • To people and talent:
    • Improve the talent attraction and recruitment
    • Provide continuously training and educational program